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Mechoui B.B.Q.

For a friendly event, find the loving atmosphere of the Constantin family and the quality of food of our unique méchoui feast. As always, entertainment and premium quality services are waiting for you.


Only on reservation. Schedule to meet.

august 18th to 23th • september 16th to 25th • september 30th to october 9th 2020

Time Price Taxes Total
Monday to friday
(some sundays)
Dinner: 10:30am to 3:45pm
Supper: 4:30pm to 10:30pm
20,44$ 3,06$ 23,50$/ pers.

Activities on site

  • Social and line dancing with host J. A. Gamache
  • All you can eat buffet
  • Local and vintage products boutique
  • Apple picking at our old orchard (reservation only)
Note : We reserve the right to postpone an activity if the number of participants is insufficient.


  • Bread
  • Salad bar
  • hors d’œuvre and dip
  • Choice of 4 meat : ham, pork, beef & lamb
  • Potatoes, rice, vegetable and corn
  • choice of 15 delicious desserts