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Wedding cakes

"Works of art, crafted with thoroughness, matching perfectly the decoration of your room"

Creation of your wedding cake on location

Let us guide you through the creation of your dream cake by our wedding planners that will offer you on our location a wide variety of different cakes. There is no limit, everything is possible; 2, 3 or 4 layers, diverse flavors, a rustic, glamor or rural look. We will target with you the perfect template, corresponding to your theme.

We digged through all the area and specifically chose talented collaborators to offer you cakes that are original and unique at the same time. Those artists bakers create with attention and precision genuine works of arts, surely dazzling your guests.

The ingredient’s quality makes these cakes absolutely delightful! A wide array of flavors of sponge cake and icing are offered to you. The rolled fondant is still as popular to obtain a sophisticated and glamour look!

Discover the new trends in terms of cake: The Naked cake and the drip cake! They’ll charm your eyes, fulfilling your taste buds!

In order to break free from any bother, free delivery is offered to you. Thus, on your wedding day, you won’t have to worry about it.

See an overview of the wonderful creations of one of our collaborators during your visit.

Our wedding planners and our collaborators will work together to offer you works of art, matching perfectly your decorations.


Nos planificatrices d’événements ainsi que nos collaborateurs travailleront ensembles afin de vous offrir des œuvres d’art qui s’agenceront parfaitement à votre décoration de salle.



Cupcakes and popcakes, the trend of the hour!

As you may wish to add them to your cake, combine them with your sweet table or to offer to all your guest so that they feast in the night, all these options are achievable.

You could also arrange them on a display, and match them with your cake-top.

A wide variety of flavors are available, it’s up to you to create the perfect amalgam to get cupcakes simply delicious,
and up to your taste! Decoration styles are almost infinite.

Cutting of the cake in the night!

A small detail not to be neglected!

According to the custom, the newlyweds should officially proceed together to the cutting of the cake.
It is a symbolic moment, and a ritual still practised nowadays!

Thereafter, we have to proceed to the cutting of the whole cake, and it is at this moment that the Constantin Halls will take over to execute it, according to the rule, taking care of proportioning all the pieces, considering the different flavors.

We will take care ourselves to keep in good condition the last layer of the cake so that you can put it in your freezer when you come back home. If you wish to follow this custom, you could enjoy this piece of cake on your first anniversary.

Coffee, tea and infusions will be available for your guests.

Since you will be greatly solicited and you’ll probably wish to make the most of your day,
you will be happy to have giving this task to our team.

To know all the details of the cutting of the cake.