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Wedding ceremony

Chapel and outdoor wedding ceremony

Besides our field and forest scenery, our room is equipped for all your outdoor family events, large and small, in all simplicity, in the tent or gazebo.

In addition, different locations are equipped for taking pictures in a natural setting. This enchanting site surrounded by maple, will offer colorful and authentic photographs. Nothing’s better to capture a memorable day.

For the celebration of a marriage, enjoy a chapel to celebrate the manner and the desired style. Built in 2001, our beautiful chapel is surrounded by a wooded area and a European-style garden. The perfect place! Conditioned, it can accommodate nearly 140 people during the ceremony. You’ll be able to say I want it!, protected from the weather.

You dreaming about a Chick and rustic ceremony, our new barn style site is at your disposal to celebrate your wedding in a woody atmosphere and yesteryear.

You need an officiant for the most beautiful day of your life? Click here.

Costs :

Under the marquee : 400$ + taxes

Near the gazebo : 300$ + taxes

At the Chapel : 450$ + taxes

À la sucrerie d’antan ( lieu de cérémonie rustique style grange ) : 450$ + taxes

These prices included the red carpet, services tables, chairs and sound system. Special accommodations can be made as needed. Make the request by contacting us.

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