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Our halls


For a flamboyant banquet …

Trust us with confidence for the holding of your event!

With more than 82 years of experience, the Constantin Halls keep track of the latest trends in the event planning world. Our main priorities are the followings; quality, ambiance and service. It’s with these in mind that we accomplish our mission to welcome you from the warmest to the grandest reception.

Our organization will fulfill all your needs, offering you a personalized service. You’ll be able to create your own unique and original concept, from the menu choice to the layout of the room, from the progress of the night to the decoration, from choosing your cake to your invitations, our turnkey services will simplify your life. A great attention will be accorded to the little details, which will make the difference, and your event will surely be an absolute success.

Choosing the Constantin family, it’s opting for a personalized service with people of experience!

Contact us immediately for visit our establishment and discover all the options concerning the menu, decor and services.
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Our rooms

Our five privates rooms offering a capacity from 70 to 500 people are all individually equipped with a bar,
an entrance and a terrace.

Being versatile, they can be arranged in several ways, allowing you to choose from many dispositions,
suiting every kind of event.


Room 1 : 130 to 210 guests maximum, see the room pictures

Room 1-2 : 190 to 300 guests maximum,

Room 2-3 : 140 to 210 guests maximum, see the room pictures

Room 3 : 90 to 110 guests maximum, see the room pictures

Room 1-2-3 : 270 to 500 guests maximum, see the room pictures

Room 5 : 70 to 100 guests maximum, see the room pictures

Room 6 : 70 to 100 guests maximum, see the room pictures

Room 5-6 : 120 to 180 guests maximum,

A passionnate team at your dispostion

It is with great attention and expertise that our team will guide you in the planning of this unique day, modeling it reflecting your personality. Our qualified wedding planners will help you orchestrate your event with meticulousness and professionalism.

They will present you an range of turney services, making your life easier and surely meeting all your expectations.

During all the organization progress, they will follow you, as they are naturally devoted to their clients. They have one main goal, targeting your needs to satisfy you, making sure that your event reflects your taste and your values.

Contact our planners right now to know all your possibilities, visit our rooms and discover the different options regarding menus, decor and services.

An « host master » advised and experimented will stay at you disposition all along your event.

You can count on this person to be your resource at all time. Our host masters are mandated to assure the smooth running of the night and literally follow your program, while adapting to the unexpected events.

While being alongside you, they will be attentive to your guest’s needs. It is otherwise with dynamism that you will be welcome by our team.