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Hall decoration

Embellish your room & add a magical touch with our uniques accessorie!

Enhance your room


In order to cream the unique theme representing yourself,
we offer you a range of decorative elements all as unique as each other.

This way, you will be able to transform your hall in a magical and warm place at the same time.

Whatever is your concept, we will realize your wishes to crete the desired atmosphere!

*Due to a limited inventory, availability of items may vary.
We suggest you book your items as soon as possible.



Decor and background

White, black or ivory curtain (for each division of the room) from 100$
Barn board (3 foot) 35$
Stage (each 4’x 8’ sheet) 35$


Ambient lighting

Curtain of white lights (1 foot) 10$
Illuminated tulle 180$
Bistro lights (24 lights/ 48 foot) 60$
Spot or Led bar (each light) 25$





Unique furniture

Antique furniture 50$
Antique charette 75$
Bistro table 35$
Wooden barrel  35$
Vintage door on a wooden barrel 125$
Wooden table (3 models available) 100$





Chair and seat

Bridegrooms chair 250$
Baroque chair 2 for 275$
Antique chairs with an high back – 2 for 125$



Lounge area

Rustic or modern

Background : White curtains or wooden barn board

Lighting : Bistro lights or spots/LED bars
Cushions matching your decoration




Small accessories

Flower vine hoop trilogy
Easel chalkboard
French door for seating chart
Rope and pin frame
Glassless window
Hay bale
Box of apple (Brown, White, Natural)
Illuminated letters « Amour »
Ladder with « Amour » letters
Illuminated letters C & P
Big letters G & C
Bridal basket white or black cage
Log bridal basket
Wooden chest bridal basket



Photobooth area

Decor only – Custom price according to the material
Does not include the photograph, camera and accessories

*It is important to confirm if the needed space for the Photobooth is suitable for your room, discuss it with your wedding planner.