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Table decoration

Create your dream atmosphere selection a tailor-made package!

Decoration packages (2024)

• Covered chairs 7.50$

• Chiavari chairs 10.50$

• Champêtre Wood cross back chair 11.50$

Long tablecloth (White, black, ivory or champagne) and colored cloth napkins included (White, black, ivory or burgundy)


Beautify your package
• Colored loops on the chairs 2.00 $
• Colored long tablecloth 1.00 $


Other available options
• Sub-plates
• Table runners
• Centerpieces
• Organza over-cloths


Note : Prix sujets à changement sans préavis.



Our decoration package offer infinites possibilities…

In order to obtain a natural, sober or intimate décor, we work with natural and noble materials such as wood, raw products including jute, flax, logs, branches and foliage.

To create a sophisticated decor, elegant and refined,
elements such as diamond, pearls, jewelry, satin and sequins will be used to add a touch of “glam” to your decor!


 Visualise now all the offered choices!

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